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Neighbourhood Plan


The Draft Neighbourhood Plan and its appendices were agreed by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in February 2021 and endorsed, with some amendments, by the Parish Council at their meeting in March 2021.

The statutory 8 week Regulation 14 public consultation on the draft Plan ran from May 10th until July 2nd. This involved ensuring that businesses, organisations and landowners in the parish, together with more than 20 public bodies, and of course all of our residents, had the opportunity to view the documents and provide their comments, and included two online question and answer sessions. Thank you to everyone who provided comments or attended the Q&As.

All comments received were then reviewed and any necessary amendments made to the draft Plan and appendices. The amended documents were agreed by the Steering Group and adopted by the Parish Council in December. These versions of the draft Plan and appendices were sent to Wiltshire Council in January 2022 to commence the formal examination process. They were accompanied by two further documents, one detailing the consultations which have supported their preparation (the Consultation Statement) and another showing that the policies in the Plan are consistent with national and Wiltshire Council planning policies and neighbourhood planning legislation (the Basic Conditions Statement).

Wiltshire Council has now indicated that these documents meet the requirements to go forward to examination. The first step in this process is another statutory (Regulation 16) public consultation during which any further comments can be submitted to Wiltshire Council. The draft Neighbourhood Plan will then be examined by an independent inspector who will check the Plan for legal compliance and consider all representation received. He or she will recommend, following any necessary amendments, whether the draft Neighbourhood Plan should be put to a community referendum.

The referendum will be held in the parish by Wiltshire Council. Providing there is a simple majority in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan, it will be adopted by Wiltshire Council and must then be considered in any planning decision which affects the parish.

More information can be found on the Laverstock and Ford Communities Neighbourhood Plan website .

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