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The Council encourages applications from local community based, ‘not for profit’ or charitable organisations  e.g. voluntary groups, societies, clubs (including new start-ups), sports clubs, youth clubs, playgroups, and community projects.

Note: The application form is in Word Document format and will be downloaded to your download folder.

Local Trails

See the  trail guides for Laverstock, Hampton Park and Old Sarum.  

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The Puzzle of the Pearce Way Postbox
Local Parish Councillor tackles Post Box mystery
When a resident asked their local Parish Councillor at Bishopdown Farm, when a Queen’s Jubilee Postbox that appeared on Pearce Way earleir this year would be active. Cllr. Lesley Waller jumped at the chance to get to the bottom of this puzzling postal problem.
Cllr Lesley Waller said “Several residents in the Pearce Way area of Bishopdown Farm have been looking forward to using this attractive new Post Box. My first course of action was to go to the post office website for a contact ‘helpline’ telephone number. What a mistake that turned out to be. After five telephone calls, all with waiting times, and being given three wrong telephone numbers, finally I spoke to Sam from Postal Services Salisbury, who passed me to the collections manager Danny.
The sad news is, that the person who installed the box has since left the Post Office service and it would appear that since it’s installation it somehow was forgotten. Danny also told me that he hopes to have someone up there today, (Friday 22 July) to make sure that there is no post inside the post box.
The good news is that the postal box should now go live on Monday 25th July.”
So that’s one local mystery now signed, sealed and delivered by our intrepid Cllr Waller.
Annual Parish Meeting - Report from the Chair
The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Monday 16th May. The Chair gave a comprehensive report on all aspects of the parish.
"Good evening and welcome to the 2022 Laverstock and Ford Annual Parish Meeting. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Nick Baker and it has been my privilege to chair the council over the last year. This report will mainly look back, but I will also try and highlight some of the priorities we have set ourselves for the coming year as well. We serve five distinct communities, Bishopdown Farm, Ford, Laverstock (including a section of Milford), Longhedge and Old Sarum and so I will start this report by looking at the council as an organisation and our wider work across the whole parish, before looking at some of the key points in each of our communities."
Read the full report here.
Traffic Regulation Order making the whole of Old Sarum estate a 20mph zone, comes into force on 23rd May.
Click here for a list of affected roads
Click here for the indicative plan

Planning Applications

The PC is providing a table which lists the Planning Applications that have been referred to the Parish Council for their opinion. Applications are generally considered by a team of three
Councillors, but may occasionally be referred to the whole Council. Full details may be viewed on the Wiltshire Council website.
The RESPONSE is the view of the Parish Council and will be considered, along with other consultations, by Wiltshire Council, who will make the decision.

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July/August 2022

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