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Why is it called Laverstock & Ford Parish?

From time to time this question is asked by some residents. After all, we also have a small piece of ‘Milford Without’ at the Southern end of the Parish and have Old Sarum and Hampton Park in the North and North West.

Well a picture paints a thousand words, so you need look no further than the map of the parish, as extracted from the Wiltshire Council website. It shows Winterbourne Ford in the north and south of the A30, Laverstock. Both settlements date back to when playing with stones was popular and long before New Sarum was at the end of an arrow.

‘Ford’ rather than Winterbourne Ford has been commonly used since 1605, although its full name is the most descriptive. The Parish of Laverstock & Ford was formed under the 1894 Local Government Act, when 14000 Civil Parishes were created with their own elected representatives. Our small slice of Milford joined us ten years later, although the name was not changed to Laverstock, Ford & a small slice of Milford Without, as a consequence!

The only change to the boundary has been the extraction of the first 300 dwellings at Bishopdown Farm into the city. This was accepted at the time, by the Parish Council, on the advice of Salisbury District Council and has probably been regretted ever since. The next attempt to hive off Hampton Park and Old Sarum was thwarted when the residents from every community of Laverstock & Ford Parish voted, unanimously to remain as one. Our vote led Salisbury District Council to, “leave things alone for now”.
In 1917 a section of Ford Farm was “selected” to become a training airfield for the rapidly expanding Royal Flying Corp. It was simply called Ford Farm at first but to cement its own identity, took the name Old Sarum, as this was the sighting landmark used by the planes.

Since the 1930’s, the large houses of Laverstock, with all their accompanying land, have been sold and large housing development built. In Ford, the original farm and military dwellings have been added to, with modern additions and closes. However, no facilities have been provided, as the desire has been to retain a small rural community. That has not stopped its farm fields from being developed though and Bishopdown (now city), Bishopdown Farm (now City), Hampton Park, Sarum Ridge and “Old Sarum” have all (bar the old Bishopdown Estate) been developed since the 1990’s with more promised at Hampton Park extension and Longhedge in the far North.

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