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Neighbourhood Plan

Shaping the Future of Laverstock and Ford Parish - Our Neighbourhood Plan

Laverstock and Ford Parish Council has embarked on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a very real commitment to the future, backed by central government community legislation (the Localism Act 2011). It will replace the Parish Plan which has been in place since 2009 and has successfully encouraged and guided many improvements in our area during a period of significant growth.
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Richard Buttigieg
29 Bundy Lane, Bishopdown Farm, SP1 3PE
Laverstock and Ford Parish Council has embarked on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a very real commitment to the future, backed by central government community legislation (the Localism Act 2011).
Our Neighbourhood Plan will be a community-led framework for guiding the future of our parish through to 2036. It will contain a vision, aim and objectives, planning policies, and proposals for improving the area, specifically addressing the issues of development, infrastructure and environment. A Neighbourhood Plan is subject to examination by an independent examiner appointed by Wiltshire Council and a referendum involving all of the parish. Once agreed and “made” it will form part of the Wiltshire Development Plan. This means that Wiltshire Council, or planning inspectors, will have to take account of the Neighbourhood Plan when making decisions concerning planning applications or appeals in the neighbourhood area.

Progress so far
Formed late in 2017 the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is made up of 22 volunteer residents from the parish, including four Parish Councillors. To date it has established a vision, aim (see below) and objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan and is now structured around three working groups each addressing one of the key issues of Development, Infrastructure and Environment.
We are now entering the phase where we need to collect evidence to identify and support the policies that our Neighbourhood Plan will contain.

One crucial element of this will be for the Steering Group to consult with our residents and businesses to establish the thoughts and ideas of the communities within the parish. We can anticipate a complex response given the variety of issues and the geographic diversity of the Parish. As a reminder the Laverstock and Ford Parish is made up of three wards, Laverstock and Milford; Bishopdown Farm; and Ford, Old Sarum and Longhedge. This represents a mix of housing development; rural, semi-rural, and built-up environments; and infrastructure challenges such as transport, broadband etc. Our consultation will include participation at parish events, presentations within each of the wards and surveys of key parish communities (such as residents, workers, students).

The Neighbourhood Plan overarching aim, adopted by the Steering Group, but for review by the community through our research, is “to preserve the character and sustainability of our semi-rural parish”

Find out more
We want to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of Laverstock and Ford Parish. We want to do this with a maximum input from all those who live and/or work and/or use the amenities and services of the parish. In short, we want you to be part of it! If you would like to shape the future of Laverstock and Ford join us! Everyone has a contribution to make.
If you’d like to volunteer to become part of the Neighbourhood Plan Team (either as a member of the Steering Group or as an one off contributor)  or suggest issues which the Neighbourhood Plan might address please see the Contact Us section top right.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Documents will appear here as published.

Three community workshops were held on July 17th to 19th. If you missed them, the presentation used is here and the questionnaire which attendees were asked to complete is here. To add your views, you can either use the contact us form above – just cut and paste the bits of questionnaire you need into the message box. If preferred you can  complete a paper questionnaire and either mail it to the above address or hand it in at the Community Farm.
We need views and ideas  across the entire Parish, so please take a few minutes to add yours.

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